the future of work

Bruntwood are a large commercial property company and were interested in setting a ‘blue skies thinking’ project to devise new concepts for the future of work in the city. They were particularly interested in exploring what they needed to be thinking about when designing commercial spaces for people with different abilities, disabilities and changing values in the workplace.

Students researched, generated and devised concept proposals that gave insights into how the workplace of the future could inhabit our changing city lives. The project was broad and aimed to allow flexibility for interpretation across disciplines and media, with a further twist in the final weeks as we headed into lockdown and the future started to look quite different in response to the realities of future pandemics and how this could potentially effect the way we work.

Students were initially encouraged to explore different user groups and Identify the ‘protagonists’, their diversity of needs, the elderly, visually impaired, physically impaired and those with hidden disabilities, how they interact with office spaces or working environments and what the challenges are each face. The aim was to understand the priorities of emerging new work patterns, cultures and potential for future working environments..
The students gleaned inspiration from a series of visiting practitioner workshops, focus group research workshops with charity Henshaws and inspiration lectures that got them started with their creative responses.

The final presentations show a variety of responses to future workspaces and explore the possible changes in our future work patterns.