The Artist must think through to the end the Poet’s ideas

Under the initially disruptive circumstance of the closure of our Benzie Art Building in March, and the sudden switch to online teaching, our second year students have nonetheless gone on to create an exciting and diverse body of developmental work, resulting in this digital showcase, The Artist must think through to the end, the poet’s ideas.

The title quotation from Goethe highlights the ways in which words and images can entwine and inspire through research, exploration and experimentation. This process of creating new ideas and works culminates in this online showcase of still images, book development, storyboards and animations.

Drawing on the history of poetry from the audio and written archives of the new Manchester Poetry Library, our students selected materials from this rich resource, to generate a wide range of creative, visual outcomes. We are delighted by the inventiveness of our student cohort, who despite the unprecedented circumstances of lockdown, have produced a wonderful range of responses.

With thanks to Dr Becky Swain, Poetry Library Director, Dr Martin Kratz, Poetry Library Projects Manager and poet Andrew McMillan for their contribution to the project