Group Members:
01. Calum MacIntyre
02. George Serdecki-Parker
03. Jedd MacCrea
04.Seamus Stafford
05. Jonathan Barker
Drawn from the artefact of Fryderyk Chopin’s hand at the RNCM, we present a celebration of our hands.

Particularly as a pianist, Chopin’s hands played such an important role in his life long ago. Our hands are personal valets that commit to all tasks regardless if they are mundane; such as cooking, cleaning and writing emails, or passionate; like playing musical instruments, drawing and painting, all with the same tender care. In light of recent events, we would like to share a creative display of our hands placed into the extraordinary context of quarantine. We will allow the audience to experience a

combined collection of our individual narratives and in doing so we hope to inspire them to embrace this time in lock-down by perhaps taking up new hobbies and developing skills.