The project placed students in partnership with the innovative and sustainable restaurant Where the Light Gets In, Stockport, who defines their approach as ‘Closed Loop’;

“Engaging fully in a food system that we believe in, our evening menu is comprised of a series of dishes utilising ingredients produced with precision and responsibility, culminating in a balanced menu that both nourishes the body and sustains our eco-system.’

WTLGI 2019
Through site visits, kitchen observations, and conversations with WTLGI staff, students gained a unique insight into the Closed Loop ethos and mechanisms which drive the business. Working together in interdisciplinary groups, students utilised their collective skill sets to develop proposals for the restaurant in response to aspects such as food growing, sourcing, preparation, consumption, waste and the dining experience.

We have been incredibly inspired by the continued professionalism of the students who adapted to working remotely and demonstrated great resourcefulness, finding new ways of shaping and communicating their proposals with the limited resources they found in their homes. Moving forwards, it is our hope that the ‘Closed Loop’ project has inspired all involved to design, create and live more consciously.