When students sign up for this unit, they often think it’s about becoming a school teacher. It’s much more than that. In the unit we critically evaluate our experiences of learning, whether in mainstream education or in our everyday lives. We try to understand what it means to learn, and why so often we feel we have failed to learn. The pedagogy of the Art School is all about developing our imagination, becoming actively creative, developing critical analysis skills, and developing resilience to persevere when faced with difficult design problems. The Beyond Educator unit intends to apply that pedagogy to ourselves as lifelong learners, to identify failure as an opportunity for growth and to understand that we are all designers of our own lives.

We learn things about ourselves and we empower others to discover for themselves. We develop tools for resilience and perseverance, and we share them with others as equals and peers.

This year, our Beyond Educator students were required to be resilient and to persevere in the face of adversity during Lockdown. In a period where we all felt isolated, they excelled in collaboration, communication and engagement not only with themselves but with the wider creative community.

The work shown is in not reperesentive of all students part of Beyond Educator, but only part of it. To view more from studio communarty, visit studiocommunarty.netlify.app.